Aleatory's Junction: The Novel

From Double Dragon Publishing


About the Book

Aleatory, a little town resting not too far from Salem, waits for passerbys to mesmerize them with its hospitality.

Yet Aleatory holds a secret, one that will put all who traipse by at a junction...of uncertainty.

This secret is told in snippets by Jenna Josephine Aleatory throughout the book. Her tale explains the magic contained in the right fork at Aleatory's Junction.

You'll meet Margrit, a woman on a mission to rid the voice in her head...

Kevin who feels life has struck him down until he reaches that right fork...

Zach, who wishes his mother would treat him like a man...until a grave mishap occurs...

Nathan, the little boy with unusal foresight and knowledge...

Miss Peachtree, a teacher who has lost her way...

and many more stories, each with its own chilling conclusion.


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Lea Schizas
Editor Edit Text

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It was my extreme pleasure to have had the pleasure of editing and co-authoring Aleatory's Junction.
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