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  Tuesday, October 24th, 2007~~~~Aleatory Gazette~~~~Glimpse into the realm of Aleatory


Tabloid reporter from NEWS OF THE BIZARRE interviews Jeremy Hill but segment never airs…

TV’s NEWS OF THE BIZARRE paid a visit to Aleatory’s Junction to Interview Jeremy Hill, owner of Hill’s Fuel Stop.


Mr. Hill says, “Dang strangest thing, I don’t even watch television, never heard of their program. How
they heard of me I don’t know.”

Amanda Bedlam, co-proprietor of Bedlam’s Comfort Inn, kept close watch on the tabloid crew and its young anchor, Brittany Elks.

“TV always likes to make fun of small towns,” Mrs. Bedlam said. “I could tell right off that these Hollywood people were setting Jeremy up to look like a crazy old man. That’s why I sent Joshua over to have them investigate our inn. Made them think it was haunted. They loved that.”

Brittany Elks and her crew may have found more than they bargained for, because knowing residents of Aleatory’s Junction saw them pursue town eccentric Elena Aleatory out of Frivolty. The TV crew van was last seen headed out of town.

“A week later we found out the show got canceled,” Mrs. Bedlam said. “Low ratings.”

When asked about his fifteen minutes of fame, the irrepressible Mr. Hill quipped, “That’s show bizness.”


Aleatory Resident of the Week
Name: Jeremy Hill
Occupation: Proprietor, Hill’s Fuel Stop
Age: Seventies
Trademarks: Gas pumps that don’t work, missing teeth, supposed psychic visions, crisp blue uniform
Words of Wisdom: “Always listen to Elena.”

Jeremy Hill has lived in Aleatory’s Junction his entire life, so naturally residents were unnerved when he went missing and a corporate big shot named Jeremy Jenkins appeared in his place. However, the next day Jeremy Hill was back at Hill’s Fuel Stop, pumping gas from the two pumps that work.

Aleatory’s favorite and only fuel station owner dispenses more than gas, everything from soda pop to salted peanuts, sage advice to cigarettes (“keep ‘em under the counter, are you sure you’re old enough to smoke?”), and, according to Amelia Thesis of Cravings To Go, is “the best free advertising I ever had.”

While Aleatory’s Junction denizens don’t need much gas (except for one incident with a crazed stalker, the streets are safe enough to walk at night), they always stop by Hill’s Fuel Stop.

“He’s a little wacky,” Ms. Thesis says, “but he’s harmless. He’s just a sweet old man.”

When he’s not running his fuel station, Jeremy Hill enjoys fishing, “visiting with Elena,” tinkering with old cars, and reading the Bible
“as well as them Louis L’Amours.” The residents of Aleatory and the passers-by are grateful he has no plans to retire.

bulletMonday, October 23rd, 2007~~~~Aleatory Gazette~~~~Glimpse into the realm of Aleatory
bullet"Jenna's apparition floated by my window!"
bulletYet another passerby staying at Comfort Inn claimed to have seen the ghost of Jenna Josephine Aleatory. He says, "I was just about to lie down when I felt a cold chill. I thought I had left the window open...and that's when I saw her, floating by. I mean, wow, was I shocked or was I shocked! I ran to my suitcase to get my camera but by the time I returned, she was gone."

         Is it possible? Can these so called sightings be true? Stay tuned as this reporter prepares his own trip to Comfort Inn.

John Bream - reporter


bulletCravings To Go recipe book
bulletIn her usual manner of giving, Amelia Thesis, proprietor of Cravings To Go restaurant in Aleatory, will give away some of her favorite recipes as a bonus to all who dare to purchase Aleatory's Junction, The Novel. Stay tuned for more details as they come along.


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