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The MUSE ON WRITING BOOK is not only a helpful guide but will become a necessary reference book to help you hone and perfect your writing in several areas.
As Writers, there is always one particular arena of stress when it comes to writing - perhaps our voice, how to use historical events or myth/legends within our fictional tales, where and how to promote - which we need some help in.
To get a better scope of what our book will contain, all you need to do is link to your sneak peak in our CONTENTS webpage.  I am sure you will find not only one area you will be interested in, but several.


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Edited by Lea Schizas

Stories by: William Koonce, Eric Keith, Marcia Berneger, and Charles Mossop

Published by

ISBN: 978-1-60215-059-1

Vampires, werewolves, zombies… all legendary creatures hunting their preys, all containing their own personal tales and backgrounds.

But the most evasive story to be told is that of Lord John Erdely from the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, Transylvania.

Lord John Erdely lived in the 16th century and date of death cannot be confirmed since no body has ever been found. It is rumored, but no documents support this theory, that he dealt in black magic to suppress the ongoing collaboration of the churches to bring a unified religion to all people, a Greek Catholic practice.

It is also rumored he may have used black magic to contain his servants, to blind and deafen them from words spoken to them while on errands for the Lord within the village of Cornifu. Villagers became increasingly suspicious of Lord Erdely when family members went missing.

Enter the present time…

All visitors staying in Cornifu Hotel are surprised with a mystery invitation for a one day excursion to Erdely Castle. Befuddled but amused at the same time, they accept, unaware of the events to follow.

Join our characters as each discovers secrets and mysteries that will change their lives forever.

Enter the little town of Aleatory...if you dare!